Sans Thought

Copyright law and other such programs can, when used effectively, help regulate such an economy of ideas. This is not what is currently happening. Instead, content creators in the modern era find themselves limited by the "look but don't touch" policy that mainstream media companies have regarding the work they own. Those same companies then proceed to buy not only smaller media companies, but the work and image of prevalent content creators. Those media companies which constitute an oligopoly of the mainstream creative society have, in effect, put a headlock on culture as a whole.

The following is an attempt to rectify this. In exchange for the open disregard of copyright law and the privatization of ideas, a team of amateur artists will remain anonymous and forfeit all ownership of the work they create using this material. They will be testing the limits of what can be done when ideas and content are allowed to flow freely in a modern setting, when concepts and images are no longer allowed to be owned and distributed exclusively for profit.